The additional registration started for those who wish to in participate in State rental housing program

2016 оны 04-р сарын 05 өдөр, 14 цаг 04 минутад нийтэлсэн ( 2771 удаа уншсан )

Registration of the “State rental housing” program implemented by the Government   started from 21st of March, 2016. To be transparent and efficient, applicants have been registered in 7 groups. It is last registration day today and the single parents and disabled people have been registered.

    An additional registration will be held on March 31 and April 1, 2016 respectively for those who could not get registered yet.  The lottery will be held. Because the number of the applicants who met requirements has already exceeded than the rental housing quotas. The lottery will be held after final review of the applications.

A total of 3359 people involved in the program between from 21st to 30th March     , 2016 and out of which 1443 people have been registered successfully.

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