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Introduction MISSION

It is to implement government policies and programs to provide the population with affordable and quality housing, and to conduct comprehensive investment and financial activities.


Are to implement the state policy to provide the population of Mongolia with affordable and quality housing, and to implement the policy of providing subsidized housing to the target group.


• To build and sell housing units on the territory of Mongolia on behalf of the state

• To create a state-owned housing units fund and implement its operational management (renting, possession)

• To have construction and renovation of the engineering network infrastructure executed as required for the construction of the residential buildings and complexes ordered by the corporation, and as a client oversee the process

• To rent and sale commercial buildings and areas, built within residential complexes ordered by the corporation, for profit

• To study foreign and domestic investment researches and feasibility studies to provide housing for the target group citizens, and develop a feasibility study and budget proposal to implement it • To organize the policy of discounts, exemptions and support implemented by the Government within the framework of providing housing to the target group citizens