The “Eco Yarmag-1” housing district is aimed at clearing slum areas and develop new housing district in the near future. The planned area is located in the VIII part of IV khoroo, Khan-Uul district and it is about 8 km (5mile) from the downtown. An area for redevelopment covers a total of 16.5 hectares and the Project borders with on the left side, “Viva City” micro district, on the right side, “YARMAG” ger districts and on the north side, “TUUL” river.

The State Housing Corporation has planned to build “Eco Yarmag-1” housing district of 2376 housing units with public facilities:

–           Housing blocks comprising of 2376 units

–           Kindergarten for 400 kids

–           School for 640 pupils

–           Sport center

–           Service shop

–           Roads and green facilities

Planting underground service and lines is giving us opportunities to widen Yarmag District in the future.