48 buildings are due to be completed from “Buyant-Ukhaa 2”

2015 оны 04-р сарын 30 өдөр, 16 цаг 26 минутад нийтэлсэн ( 4261 удаа уншсан )

We cleared up some points from Mr.Gantulga A, General Director of State Housing Corporation about the projects which is ordered by.

– What is the progress of the construction works of “Buyant-Ukhaa 2”? Is it possible that first phase of construction will be completed by the end of this year?
– The Construction work is currently going on right now. First 48 buildings are due to be completed and we are working on the windows and external facade of it. So, if we finish the heating system, 1000 housing units will be completed by the end of this year. But there are some obstacles that are irrelative to us.

– How do you solve the infrastructure issues?
– The State is responsible for the infrastructure system. We have solved the infrastructure issues of “Buyant-Ukhaa 1” project by our own and we are awaiting for the payment from the State. Basically, to implement housing projects we need legal adjustments about infrastructure system. Apparently, infrastructure issues of “Buyant-Ukhaa 2” have been solved by “Infrastructure” project implemented by Ministry of Construction and Urban Development of Mongolia. Now, we are working on internal engineering network which supposed to be financed by the State budget but for instance, we need to solve it our own. Actually, we finance other projects from the sales income of “Buyant-Ukhaa 1” project.

– What is the next project of SHC?
– Our next projects are “G Part of VII microdistrict” and “Eco Yarmag”. G-VII to be financed by “EXIM” bank of China. Also we have planned to complete construction of kindergarten and schools of “Buyant-Ukhaa 2”as scheduled. This year SHC has started housing projects in first 7 provinces within the framework of “1000 housing units in each and every province” project and next year we will commence another 7 provinces hopefully.

Source: http://mongolnews.mn

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