Choose your apartment first

2010 оны 09-р сарын 15 өдөр, 08 цаг 01 минутад нийтэлсэн ( 1500 удаа уншсан )

    Government implementation of the “4000 housing units” project is going to finish after few months. Right now 1100 government employees got their new apartments and 2100 government employees are still in the waiting list. If you are one of the government’s employee who wants to involved in this project but don’t know how to, then you are at the right place.

    We are here willing to give you some information concerning this matter and we will be very happy if we are helpful to you. As government employee you must be very busy. It is really time consuming to apply for the mortgage loan if you don’t know how to start. First of all, you need to meet a mortgage loan specialist at the Mongolian Housing Finance Corporation. You need to give information about your and your partner’s monthly salary and other household incomes. Then a mortgage loan specialist will tell you the amount of the mortgage loan you can get. After that starts house hunting…but don’t forget the amount of your loan. It is really important to choose an apartment according to your payment ability. A few people got into trouble because they chose apartments they cannot afford: they had to cancel their contracts with construction companies.

    MHFC is lending up to 40 million tugrug with 8 percent interest rate repayment monthly. You can pay your loan 20 years or shorter. It is up to you, if you repay in less than 20 years then you pay less interest. In case, you choose apartment which costs more than 40 million tugrug then you must pay rest of the money to a construction company in advance before you give your loan materials to MHFC. For instance, let’s say you want to buy 55 million tugrug apartment then you have to pay 15 million tugrug to a construction company in advance. Also please take note that if you choose an apartment which costs 40 million tugrug or less you still have to pay in advance 10 percent of your loan. It is really useful to gather all necessary materials while you are looking for apartment.

   After you find an apartment which suits you and you made a contract with construction company and gathered all necessary materials then you can meet with a MHFC’s mortgage specialist again. Every Friday they discuss mortgage loan applications so it will not take longer than a week to know your answer. If you are one of the lucky ones then you and you co-borrower have to sign life insurance and get prove of notary for your mortgage loan contract.

   After your new apartment is ready to move in and you got our property certificate MHFS will sign mortgage loan… And after this MHFS will pay rest of the money to construction company on your behalf. It means if apartment costs 40 million tugrug MHFS will pay 36 million tugrug. If you work and live in countryside then you can get all necessary information at or just calling them to 1907. If in your area there is no MHFS’s branch you need to came yourself to Ulaanbaatar’s main office.

   Government employees who work and live in province can chose apartment in Ulaanbaatar if they want to. It is not important where you chose your apartment but how you repay your loan. In “4000 housing units” project main guarantee for your mortgage loan is your new apartment. In case you lose your job or work ability someone else can pay on your behalf. It is really not important who pays as long as repayment goes to the MHFC’s bank account monthly. Then if you really cannot afford to pay your loan then MHFC will confiscate your apartment. But don’t worry. After they sell your apartment they will take your unpaid repayment with interest and then give you back your already paid money. So if you are the one government employee who is dreaming about your own apartment then go to MFHC. We wish you all the best.

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